Fasting heightens consciousness

It breaks our behavioural patterns

Dr. med. Francoise Wilhelmi de Toledo (*1953), Fasting Physician

We are talking about nature, and yet we forget ourselves:

We ourselves are nature...

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Relinquishment does not take, relinquishment provides.

It provides the inexhaustible power of simplicity.

Martin Heidegger

Fasting concerns the entire human being

every single one of his cells

his soul and his spirit

Dr. Hellmut Lützner

More vitality, more energy, more well-being.

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fasting – hiking – healthy living

What is “Fastenwandern”?

The literal English translation from the German word is fasting and hiking.

“Fastenwandern” would best be described as a detox retreat with daily guided hikes through beautiful landscapes and scenery, education and a focus on alternating rest and movement.


“Fastenwandern” is a very effective method to achieve higher levels of well being, more energy, joy and quality of life. Based on the work and guiding principles of Dr. Otto Buchinger, the German pioneer of medical fasting, tens of thousands of Europeans are embracing the benefits of fastenwandern and go every year on this health boosting adventure to reconnect with nature, themselves and to purify their bodies and minds from toxins and stress.

Why “Fastenwandern” Retreats?

Vietnam Detox brings this very successful form of detox from Germany for the first time to Vietnam to support you in taking responsibility for yourself and to embrace healthy living habits. If you are living in the urban centers of South East Asia and beyond, you know how air and water pollution, traffic, noise and stress, can challenge your feeling of well being.


How does traffic like this affect your wellbeing?

Access to organic, healthy foods is not easy and when going out your are bombarded with foods full of MSG and other unhealthy chemicals. Unfortunately this environment weakens your body’s natural defense mechanism and increases your vulnerability to disease.

Vietnam Detox Retreats are designed for people with no previous experience who want to maintain or improve their overall well being and quality of life. Before coming on board you will complete a confidential medical questionnaire and we then arrange a personal telephone or Skype conversation. In addition, all participants have the opportunity to complete their own wellness inventory, a great tool to get a snap shot of your current state of wellness in 12 dimensions.

What to expect from “Fastenwandern” Detox Retreats?

DietDuring our “Fastenwandern” Detox Retreats we are combining the most important factors to make the fast successful: Abstention from all types of food, lots of movement in fresh air and the immersion into nature.  We support our body with a number of supportive activities such as hot liver compresses, enemas, daily massages, body brushing, meditation, relaxation exercises and many more.

During the day you will have herbal teas, lots of spring water, freshly extracted juice and a clear vegetable broth in the evening

Will I feel hungry?

Can my body really handle not eating and going hiking every day?

“If you are fasting, you won’t feel hungry. And if you are hungry, you are not fasting.”

This statement is proven again and again. Most people do not have any sensation of hunger and are amazed at the ability of their body to function perfectly well without food. Poor level of fitness and blisters on your feet may be bigger challenges to overcome.

There are many methods of fasting. We are using the method of the German physician Dr. Buchinger and good preparation and professional guidance during your retreat will help you to get the best results.

Initially, some people may experience headaches or circulatory weakness, but these symptoms disappear very quickly.  A hot shower and the next morning you are back in shape. Being part of a group with many people going through the same experience as you and under the professional guidance from a medically trained detox retreat leader, you will feel well taken care of.

What do you need to take part in a “Fastenwandern” Detox Retreat?

Time for yourself! – 4 or 8 days to be exact.Waling bootesSmall

Are you healthy? Do you have hiking boots? Well, then you are ready to go.

All over Europe, “Fastenwandern” Detox Retreats are mostly offered for 7 to 10 days. They vary in the maximum number of people in a group, standard of accommodation (budget to luxury), the time and distance covered during the daily hiking sessions, the level of the terrain in which the hiking takes place (beginners vs. experienced hikers), fasting provision and other form of exercises, relaxation. etc.

Of course, you can enjoy the benefits of fasting right at your home, however for many people fasting together in a group makes it so much easier and of course also more fun.

Many participants join our retreats to lose weight or to detoxify to manage the impact of conditions such as dermatitis, rheumatism, gout, arthritis, asthma or allergies, or to simply to relax, gather new energy to for their daily life or to adjust their nutrition. The mood and ambiance in our groups is very positive, supportive and what is most impressive to observe are the positive changes the participants report even months after the retreats.

Origins of Fasting

cave drawingSince the beginning of humanity, to survive longer periods of time without food, the ability to fast has secured our survival during periods of hardship and scarcity.

Just like many species in the animal kingdom, we are able to use stored energy gained from food to withstand periods of no food supply. What is most astounding, is that during period of fasting our energy levels are not diminished but are even higher than during normal eating periods.

This is owed to important physiological changes during the fast, which lead to a regeneration of our immune system, reduced inflammation and higher energy levels, all increasing our feeling of well being.

Nowadays, food is available any time, anywhere, 24/7,  few people take advantage of the many health benefits fasting provides, unless they choose a deliberate, voluntary temporary abstention from food.

Living a healthy lifestyle in an urban environment is increasingly challenging. But with almost 60% of the world population now living in cities, we need to find ways to maintain our health and improve our quality of life until old age. Fasting is until today one of the most effective means available to us to strengthen our immune system and to maintain our healthy and well being.

Juice detox weekends

3 1/2 day juice detox weekends are a great introduction to fasting if you have no previous fasting experience and a great refresher for experienced fasters. If you only have a long weekend this is a wonderful opportunity to experience the benefits of fasting. We always start on a Thursday later afternoon and finish on Sunday afternoon.

"Fastenwandern" week

8 day elimination fast and hiking following the methodology of German Physician, Dr Otto Buchinger in the beautiful hills of Dalat.

We start on Thursday later afternoon and finish the following Friday in the afternoon.

Feedback from our participants…

Kristine P.

I have fasted many times before, however this is a very special concept and I can really recommend it to all new as well as experienced fasters.

The exceptional, competent and caring support by Dieter Buchner during the week, together with the many interesting presentations, films and daily changing library related to fasting, nutrition and healthy habits made my week a transformational experience.

The guided hikes in the beautiful nature, the many avtivities, which I don’t want to spoil the surprise, create a very complete and rounded event.

You can be sure you will have lots of fun, get plenty of movement and did I mention I lost weight as well? But that is just a side effect which cannot be avoided, as Dieter explained.

It’s best if you just give it a try…

Kristine P.Ratingen, Germany
Caroline C.

I think this week really had an extremely positive impact on me and that I will make a lot of changes (have already started) I changed my eating habits as I am eating more consciously and pay attention to what I am actually eating.

I still find it challenging to say “No”, but it is getting better every day. And I am not just talking about saying “no” to things which make me fat, it is saying “no” to things that are unhealthy and my body doesn’t really need.

Caroline C.Euskirchen, Germany
Helga K.

“Fastenwandern” was a totally new experience for me. I am hiking for many years already, but I never fasted while hiking. I was really surprised how much energy I had and how my perception of nature was so much more intensive. The discussions in the evenings were a real highlight for me.

Helga K.Wilnsdorf, Germany
Birgit T.

I absolutely achieved my goal, I am feeling very good, I picked up regular sports again, pay attention to what I am eating, and lost 6 KG’s on the go.

Birgit T.Iserlohn, Germany
Anja B.

Dieter was in many ways an experienced retreat leader and always answered all questions very professionally. Apart from that, he was really good to tune into the the different personalities of the the other participants, to motivate them and to bring and keep the whole group together.

Anja B.Kreuztal,, Germany
Werner B.

This fasting week was a really impactful experience.

Many thanks for your commitment and for your very impressive style.

Werner B.Ansbach, Germany

More vitality, more energy, more well-being.

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