5-Day Rejuvenating Hot Spring Fasting Detox

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of hot spring bathing and fasting and add a healthy break during your holiday in Vietnam.

Our “5-day Rejuvenating Hot Spring Fasting Detox” program at Alba Wellness Valley Hue in Central Vietnam will help you lose weight, detox your body, boost your energy, and promote deep relaxation.

We have been offering “fasting for healthy people” retreats in Vietnam since 2016, and our retreats are suitable for both first-time fasters and people with previous detox and fasting experience. We follow the reputable Buchinger fasting method from Germany, which ensures that you can safely and professionally enjoy the amazing health benefits of fasting.

Our carefully crafted programme is built around the Four Vietnam Detox Retreat pillars:


The Buchinger fasting method includes an intestinal evacuation using Glaubersalt, coffee enemas, dry body brushing, liver compresses, Kneipp therapy, fasting broth, vegetable juices, spring water, herbal teas, lime and honey. We conduct a wellness check-up on arrival and departure days to monitor how important health metrics develop during your retreat.


Morning exercise, hiking, nature walks, forest bathing, Yoga, cycling, and rebounding to keep your muscles active and to connect with nature. (All outdoor activities are subject to weather conditions)

Rest & Relaxation

Massage, breathing exercises, meditation, Tibetan singing bowls sessions, forest bathing, hot spring bathing, and Onsen bathing will help you relax and respond better to stress.

Knowledge (Wellness classes)

Apart from the Orientation and breaking-the-fast sessions, all wellness classes are optional.

1. Retreat Orientation – The 12 Buchinger fasting method principles

2. The benefits of fasting and what happens inside your body when you are fasting.

3. Muscle mass and longevity

4. Macronutrients. Everything you always wanted to know about carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

5. Breaking the fast. What to eat during the building-up days and beyond.

We designed each daily wellness class to inspire you and take home useful knowledge to embrace a healthy lifestyle. These classes are held in English language.

Our experienced and DFA (German Fasting Academy) certified Buchinger Fasting Coach from Germany, Dieter Buchner, is leading the retreat, the wellness classes and wellness check-ups and is available to support you full-time during your stay with us. 

After registration and completing an online health questionnaire, we invite you to schedule a call with our retreat leader to learn more about your motivation and goals to join the programme and to review your responses to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your time with us. This conversation allows us to tailor our activities and provisions to meet your needs best.

To ensure we can give you individual attention and support to benefit from hot spring bathing and fasting, we restrict our group size to 14-16 people. We also offer remote wellness coaching services to support you in setting and achieving your wellness goals after the retreat.

If you prefer a more private setting, we tailor private and corporate retreats where we develop bespoke programmes around your personal goals and schedule. Please get in touch with us to arrange a private or corporate retreat with us.

We currently partner with the Azerai – La Residence Hue for all our private retreats for 1-6 people.

8 day Deep Cleanse Fasting Retreat

Our 8-day Deep Cleanse Fasting Retreats (“Fastenwandern” in German) follow the principles of the Buchinger fasting method to experience the tremendous preventative health benefits of fasting and to provide you with new impulses and inspiration.