5-Day Mindful Wellness and Weight Loss Detox | Vietnam Detox

5-Day Mindful Wellness and Weight Loss Detox | Vietnam Detox

Are you ready for a life-changing experience that will boost your health, happiness, and well-being?

Do you want to learn how to fast safely and effectively? Do you want to practice mindfulness in your daily life? Do you want to explore a new and sacred location in Vietnam where you can immerse yourself in nature and culture?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, welcome to our new 5-Day Mindful Wellness and Weight Loss Detox. This retreat is a unique and transformative journey combining the benefits of fasting and mindfulness, two powerful practices that can enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

You will stay at the stunning M Gallery Legacy Yen Tu, a luxury resort at the foot of the Yen Tu mountain in Northern Vietnam, a historic Truc Lam Zen Buddhism site. Here, you will be surrounded by breathtaking views, a serene atmosphere, and rich heritage.

This retreat is an evolution of our successful 5-Day Rejuvenating Hot Spring Fasting Detox, which we have been running since 2019 at Alba Wellness Valley Hue in Central Vietnam. While our first retreat emphasises the physical benefits of fasting, such as nutrition and longevity, our new retreat focuses on the psychological and spiritual dimensions of fasting.

We have been pioneering “fasting for healthy people” retreats in Vietnam since 2016, and have developed a carefully crafted programme that follows the proven and evidence-based Buchinger fasting method from Germany. But what makes our new retreat special is the emphasis on mindfulness. You will learn what mindfulness is, how it can improve your mood and outlook, and how to practice it in your daily life.

What is a 5-day mindful wellness and weight loss detox?

Our programme is designed around four pillars:

Fasting: First of all, you will follow a safe and effective fasting protocol that includes an intestinal evacuation using Glaubersalt, water and coffee enemas, dry body brushing, liver compresses, Kneipp therapy, fasting broth, vegetable juices, spring water, herbal teas, lime and honey. We will conduct a wellness check-up on arrival and departure days to monitor your health metrics.

Movement: You will keep your muscles active and connect with nature through morning exercise, hiking, nature walks, forest bathing, Yin Yoga, and paddle board yoga. (All outdoor activities are subject to weather conditions)

Rest & Relaxation: Moreover, you will relax and respond better to stress through massage, hydrotherapy, breathing exercises, meditation, Tibetan singing bowl sessions, and forest bathing.

Knowledge: You will attend wellness classes that inspire you and provide useful knowledge for embracing a healthy lifestyle. The classes are conducted in English with Vietnamese translation.

What topics are included in our Wellness Classes?

  1. Retreat Orientation – Everything you need to know to make this retreat a success for you.

  2. Introduction to fasting and its benefits – What happens inside your body when you are fasting.

  3. Mindfulness: The Art of Being Present – How to cultivate awareness and acceptance of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations in the present moment.

  4. Values – What really matters: Aligning Your Actions with Your Aspirations – Identifying and clarifying your core values and using them as a guide for your decisions and actions.

  5. Visioning your future – Creating a vision board: Designing Your Dream Life – How to imagine and visualize your ideal future and create a vision board representing your goals, hopes, and dreams.

  6. Building better habits to live your vision: The Power of Habit – How to create and maintain healthy habits that support your vision and overcome the challenges that may hinder your progress.

  7. Breaking the fast – What to eat during the building-up days and beyond.

Our experienced and DFA (German Fasting Academy) certified Buchinger Fasting Coach from Germany, Dieter Buchner, leads this retreat. He will also conduct the wellness classes and wellness check-ups. He will be available to support you full-time during your stay with us.

Vietnam Detox Co-founder and Retreat Leader Dieter Buchner

How do I register for this 5-day mindful wellness and weight loss detox pilot?

Use the Register button to select your retreat date, accommodations, and transportation. Then complete the personal and wellness sections of the form before ticking the three paragraphs to indicate your understanding of our terms and conditions. After registration and completing the online health questionnaire, we invite you to schedule a call with our retreat leader to learn more about your motivation and goals for joining the programme. This conversation allows us to tailor our activities and provisions to meet your needs best.

To ensure we can give you individual attention and support, we restrict our group size to 16-20 people. We also offer remote wellness coaching services to support you in setting and achieving your wellness goals after the retreat.

Do you also run private retreats for individuals, families or companies?

Suppose you prefer a more private setting or want to share this experience with your colleagues or friends. In that case, we tailor private or corporate retreats where we develop bespoke programmes around your personal goals and schedule. Please get in touch with us to arrange a private or corporate retreat with us.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join our new 5-Day Mindful Wellness and Weight Loss Detox and discover the amazing benefits of fasting and mindfulness. You will lose weight, detoxify your body, boost your energy and gain clarity, peace, and joy. You will return home feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to live your best life.

Book your spot now and get ready for a life-changing experience. We can’t wait to welcome you to our retreat.

Note that the all-inclusive packages are only for this pilot retreat. Regular prices, as shown in the Retreat package prices 2023 on this page, will apply once we officially start to run the retreat. Flights, airport transfers, and travel insurance are not included in the retreat packages.