5 Day Hot Spring Detox

5 Day Hot Spring Detox

Our “5 day Hot Spring Detox” at the beautiful Alba Wellness Valley Hue in Central Vietnam, offers you the renowned Buchinger fasting method from Germany, in a safe and professional environment.

We run “fasting for for healthy people” retreats in Vietnam since 2016. Our retreats are suitable if you are new to fasting and if you have already experience with detox and fasting. 

The carefully crafted programme is build around the 4 Vietnam Detox Retreat pillars:


Intestinal evacuation with Glaubersalt, coffee enemas, dry body brushing, liver compresses, Kneipp therapy, fasting broth, vegetable juices, spring water, herbal teas, lime and honey.


Morning exercise, Hiking, Nature Walks, Forest bathing, Yoga, Cycling, rebounding. (All outdoor activities are subject to weather conditions)

Rest & Relaxation

Massage, breathing exercises, meditation, Tibetan Sound Bowls sessions, forest bathing, hot spring bathing, Onsen bathing


1. Retreat Orientation – The 12 Buchinger fasting method principles

2. What is fasting? How does your digestive system work

3. What happens inside your body when you are fasting? How does fasting for healthy people improve your health?

4. Macronutrients. Everything you always wanted to know about carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

5. Breaking the fast. What to eat during the building up days and beyond.

Each of the 1 hour wellness classes is designed to give you inspiration and knowledge to embrace a healthy lifestyle. All wellness classes are delivered in English language with translation into Vietnamese.

All retreats are led by Dieter Buchner, a dfa (German fasting Academy) certified and experienced Buchinger Fasting Coach from Germany. 

After registration and completing a health questionnaire, we arrange a review session with each person to ensure coming to a fasting retreat is safe and learn more about your motivation to join our programme. This allows us to tailor our activities and provisions to help  achieve the best results from your time with us.

To ensure we can give each participant individual attention and support, we restrict our group size to 12-14 people.

If you prefer to do an exclusive private or corporate retreat with your own bespoke programme and schedule please contact us. We are currently cooperating with the Azerai – La Residence Hue for all our private retreats from 2-6 people.





4 nights accommodation at Alba Wellness Valley, Hue, Vietnam.
Choice of room or bungalow accommodation.
Expert guidance by an experienced Buchinger Fasting Coach from Germany.
Full use of Japanese Onsen baths, spa facilities and nutrient rich hot spring waters.


Shuttle service from Hue Airport to Alba and return, click here for latest schedule.
Daily guided nature walks through the surrounding valleys, forests and mountains.
5 freshly extracted juices per day to help cleanse your body.
Daily tea buffet with organic fasting blends from Germany.
Daily detox massage to help enhance the effects of your fast.
Morning exercise and yoga sessions to prepare you for the day ahead.
Daily wellness class with tips and advice for living a healthier life.
Daily relaxation and meditation exercises to reconnect with your inner self.


Fluoride free toothpaste and enema kit from Germany.
Access to a comprehensive library of wellness books and resources.
Fasting journal to record your experiences during your fast.
Juicing class for beginners with recipes to use when you return home.


Ideal as an introduction to fasting for novices, the retreat will also help experienced fasters gain new motivation and inspiration. During the detox fast you will experience how your body responds to more energy and increased vitality, rejuvenating your cells and tissue, improving your mental clarity, firming your skin and boosting weight loss.
Fasting in a group under the guidance of an experienced retreat leader provides the security and confidence needed to share experiences and feelings. Together, you will gain valuable understanding and insights from your detox leader and your fellow participants.


During the retreat you will learn how to make wholesome and healthy fruit and vegetable juices in our juicing workshops, providing you with recipes you can make at home or order at your local juice bar.Each day you will boost your energy levels and cleanse your body with five delicious and nutritious organic juices, and a selection of German fasting teas.
• Learn how to make delicious and healthy juices in our juicing workshops
• Five freshly extracted juices and a organic fasting teas from Germany each day
• Fluoride free toothpaste and enema kit from Germany
• Fasting journal and access to wellness library and resource


Our 5 day hot spring detox is held at Alba Wellness Valley, set in the sloping foothills of the Truong Son mountain range near Hue, the ancient imperial capital of Vietnam. Surrounded by fragrant eucalyptus forests and meandering hot spring streams, the resort offers a choice of deluxe accommodation and full use of the Japanese onsen baths and hot spring spa, wellness facilities, swimming pool and outside activities.


Each morning of the retreat starts with exercise and yoga sessions to prepare you for the day ahead, and daily detox massages will help improve your circulation, hasten detoxification and release everyday tensions, leaving you feeling full of vitality and vigor.
Daily wellness classes will prepare you for living a healthier lifestyle long after the retreat has ended, ensuring you return home fully cleansed, in harmony with nature and at ease with your personal circumstances ready to embark on a new, healthier way of living.

Detox Benefits


Lose weight and belly fat and kick start weight loss programmes
Protect against type 2 diabetes  blood sugar levels
Enhance heart health and improve cholesterol levels
Boost brain function and mental clarity, reduce inflammation and improve mobility
Deeply cleanse and revitalize body cells, rejuvenate your skin and look younger
Help protect yourself against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s
Trigger processes which extend your lifespan and help you to stay younger longer

Programme & Shedules


Retreat package prices

We have three room categories you can choose from to match your budget. Standard, Deluxe and Premium.
Please find our all inclusive Retreat Package Prices below.

Vietnam Detox Retreat package prices for all room categories single and shared accomodation