Dieter Buchner

Retreat Leader & Wellness Coach

Fasting is one of the best methods to create long-term health and to prevent chronic diseases.
When during the fast, people start to relate to nature again, they also develop a deeper connection with themselves and the people around them.. My mission is to help participants of our retreats to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing and to provide them with inspiration and knowledge to make good choices in relation to how they think, eat and use and exercise their bodies.
Since my education as a Massage Therapist in Thailand (2003) and in Hawaii (2004) well being and health have become my passion. I have always been fascinated by the anatomy and physiology of the human body. The awareness that the human body is an incredible creation, the way everything plays together and depends on each other has led me to embrace a much more conscious approach in the way I deal with factors impacting on my health. My professional background of learning & development instilled a desire within me to share my knowledge and personal experience with others.
During my training as a medically certified fasting coach and retreat leader with the German Fasting Academy (dfa) I acquired valuable skills and knowledge to support you in taking responsibility for your well being in a sustainable way. Very close to my heart is to convey awareness and knowledge to motivate you to take responsibility for your own wellbeing. Regular fasting, intermittent or as a retreat can serve as a starting point or continuation of a healthy lifestyle. I am very confident you will return home feeling inspired and motivated to implement the many ideas our retreats will generate in you.
Dieter Buchner

Truong Tan Hoan

Retreat Manager

As Retreat Manager, Hoan makes sure all arrangements, logistics and our schedule always work out. He has personally selected all our hiking paths and makes sure you have the best hiking guides, yoga teachers, Tai Chi teachers and visiting practitioners looking after you during our retreats.


Hoan comes from Da Nang in Central Vietnam where he used to work as a tour guide, helping visitors to explore the imperial city of Hue, the ancient city of Hoi An, the sights and sounds of Da Nang and some tropical islands nearby. Hoan is passionate about the history and culture of his country and is happy to share his insights with you.

Truong Tan Hoan

Andrea Ciro Chiappa

Clinical Nutritionist and medically certified DFA Fasting Coach and Retreat Leader

I am working for more than 18 years in the areas of nutrition, fasting and naturopathy. I have been fascinated with fasting since I was a student.


Studying the fasting approach of Dr. Otto Buchinger and working at the famous Buchinger Clinic at Lake Constance in Germany, I got totally inspired to immerse myself into supporting others on their journey to enhanced wellbeing.


Until this day, this inspiration remains as the experience my guests and I make during their fasts are so rich, divers and beneficial. ..


Fasting is a great opportunity to launch a conscious healthy lifestyle.


Reading the works of Doctors and Scientists such as Weston Price, Max Bircher-Benner, Werner Kollath and Claus Leitzmann showed me the full potential of contemporary and traditional approach to nutrition and and culinary cultures.


I feel passionate to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for healthy living and a true to nature, palatable and enjoyable approach to nutrition.


I was born in 1971 and am the father of three wonderful children.

Andrea Ciro Chiappa

Alison Snelling

Juice Therapist

Alison is currently completing her training as a “Juice Therapist” with Jason Vale’s Juice Academy.

After the removal of her gallbladder in 2007, Alison suffered from severe pain, which impacted her ability to stand in front of audiences when conducting workshops and seminars.


When searching for a suitable healing method, we researched over 15 wellness establishments worldwide and eventually decided for Dharma Healing International, a detox retreat on the famous Thai island of Samui. We booked a 7 day elimination fast with Hillary Hit, an American clinical nutritionist and already after 5 days, Alison announced she was able to go to bed with no pain whatsoever. This was when Alison started to look deeper into alternative healing methods and her interest and enthusiasm for detoxing was ignited.

Alison integrates juicing into her daily routine and tried out and created many delicious recipes. She enjoys sharing her juicing knowledge with children. Demonstrating how easy its is to create tasty and healthy juices gives her a lot of inspiration and satisfaction.


Alison is based in Northamptonshire in the UK and participates in some of our retreats in Vietnam.

Alison Snelling

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