Medical review call

After you have answered all questions in the online registration form and sent it to us, you will receive an email with a link to schedule time with us for a medical review call. Please schedule your call immediately after receiving the email and choose a date within three days of registration.
This call aims to learn more about your reasons for joining our fasting retreat and to explore any concerns or medical challenges you are facing so we can customise the provisions and programme to your needs.

Schedule a call with us at a day and time convenient to you to discuss your registration and objectives with us.


The call typically takes 20-30 minutes and has two parts:

1. We will ask you general lifestyle questions

2. We will review the responses to the medical question you have provided in the registration

The outcome of our conversation will be to give you the green light to join the retreat. Your safety is our top priority, and we must ensure that fasting will not cause problems if you are facing certain medical conditions or taking a specific medication. Please understand that only your treating doctor can advise you if or how you can change your medicines during the retreat. We are fasting coaches trained to support you during a fasting retreat, but we are not medical doctors and, therefore, can’t provide you with any medical advice. 



Medical review call

Xin Chào, tôi là Dieter Buchner, Huấn luyện viên tiết thực phương pháp Buchinger và Người lãnh đạo khóa tiết thực đã được chứng nhận của bạn.

Tại đây, bạn có thể tùy chọn số lượng người tham gia, gói dịch vụ, xe đưa đón v.v… Và hoàn thành đăng ký tham gia.

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