8 day Deep Cleanse Fasting Retreat

8 day Deep Cleanse Fasting Retreat

Our 8-day Deep Cleanse Fasting Retreats (“Fastenwandern” in German) follow the principles of the Buchinger fasting method to experience the tremendous preventative health benefits of fasting and to provide you with new impulses and inspiration.





Medically certified Buchinger Fasting Coach from Germany to support and guide you during the retreat.
7 nights accommodation in one of three types of accommodation (Standard, Deluxe, Premium) at Alba Wellness Valley.
Wellness assessment on arrival day.


Buchinger fasting soups during the fasting days.
Fasting provision (herbal teas, spring water, honey, Basica, etc.).
Daily freshly extracted vegetable juices.
Daily massage at the spa (Download Spa Menu here).
2 lunches (building up days).
2 healthy breakfasts (building up days).
1 raw food class. Daily tea buffet with organic fasting blends from Germany.
Daily guided nature walks through beautiful valleys, along riverbeds, forests and mountains.
Juicing class for beginners.
Daily wellness classes.
Daily early morning exercise.
Daily yoga session.
Daily relaxation and meditation exercises.


Enema kit from Germany for colonic irrigation.
Fluoride free toothpaste.
Fasting journal.
Access to comprehensive library of wellness books.
Free use of onsen and hot spring.
Bicycle excursion.

Private airport transfer can be arranged at a fee of VND 700,000 per person each way

Disconnect from everyday life and reconnect with yourself.


Vietnam Detox brings this very successful form of detox from Germany for the first time to Vietnam to support you in taking responsibility for yourself and to embrace healthy living habits when you return home.
Our 8-day Deep Cleanse Fasting Retreats (“Fastenwandern” in German) follow the principles of the Buchinger fasting method to experience the tremendous preventative health benefits of fasting and to provide you with new impulses and inspiration.
Fasting, intermittent fasting and reduced calorie intake are receiving more and more attention as a proven method to reboot your immune system and to refresh your body and mind. Scientific studies provide evidence that fasting impacts positively on people’s health and wellbeing and that sustainable caloric restriction can prolong your quality of life considerably.
Our 8-day programme consists of an initial preparation day, five fasting days and two building up day to gently re-introduce you to a healthy eating routine.
By connecting with nature,  daily yoga practice, mediation, mindfulness and relaxation exercises you have the opportunity to reconnect with your inner self.  Experience how your body responds with more energy and increased vitality to fasting. Firmer skin, younger looks, reduced inflammation and last but not least, weight loss are some of the physical changes you will notice in yourself.

Learn to prepare freshly extracted, delicious fruit and vegetable juices in our juicing workshop. During our daily guided nature walks you can experience the beautiful landscapes of central Vietnam and feel one with nature.

Our home for 8 days is the Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion, located at the source of the Alba hot spring and natural mineral drinking water about 30km north-west of Hue city. The 50-hectare hotel grounds feature their own eucalyptus forest with dear, hot springs, a Japanese onsen, an organic farm, zip-line highwire. There are lots to explore.

When we return from our walks, relax at the Alba Wellness Spa and enjoy your daily treatment, supporting your body’s detoxification process.

We discuss many interesting topics during our daily wellness classes. Learning more about your digestive system and how your body processes food to give you the energy and nutrients you need for a long and happy life full of vitality. What types of food are best for you, how to buy it, store it, cook and present it and even when and how to eat it. What is mindfulness and how can you get enough of the right type of movement into your daily life. What are wellness goals, how do you set and achieve them? What should you look out for in your skincare products, what contributes to your well-being, and most importantly, what to do when you came back home?

Our small group of participants and your retreat leader will give you a feeling of security and support during your fasting journey and we invite you to share your feelings and experiences with each other during our evening talks.

In these eight days together, you will receive a lot of inspiration, knowledge and experience to help to live a sustainable healthy life while still managing everything else. Even long after the retreat you will feel lots of vitality and energy, reconnected with yourself and nature and in sync with your personal situation.

Our retreats always start on a Wednesday evening and finish in the afternoon of the following week Wednesday.

We limit the number of participants to sixteen and welcome individuals couples, mothers & daughters, friends and individual participants. All our retreats are delivered in English language with instant Vietnamese translation.


If you are interested in joining, please sign up here. We will contact you shortly to discuss your registration and to confirm your booking.

Minimum number of participants is eight. If there are not enough participants, we may need to cancel the retreat. This would be done 15 days before the retreat is due to start, which is the reason why the registration deadline is 3 weeks before the first day of the retreat.

All retreats require payment of a 50% deposit of the value of your chosen retreat package via bank transfer. You can pay the balance upon arrival at the hotel also via bank transfer. Please note that we do not accept credit card payments.



Retreat package prices

We have three room categories you can choose from to match your budget. Standard, Deluxe and Premium.
Please find our all inclusive Retreat Package prices below.