Experience the Ultimate Family Bonding – Multigenerational fasting retreats

Buchinger Fasting for Multi-Generational Families with Vietnam Detox’s Rejuvenating Family Fasting Retreats.

Buchinger Fasting and the Multi-Generational Family Retreat

Have you heard of Buchinger fasting? It’s a popular wellness experience in Germany that provides several health benefits. During this fast, you consume only water, herbal teas, and fresh fruit and vegetable juices while avoiding solid food for a set period. This detoxification method boosts energy levels, promotes weight loss, improves digestion, and strengthens the immune system.

Since 2016, Vietnam Detox has been leading the way in Buchinger fasting in Vietnam. In addition to hosting public retreats at Alba Wellness Valley in Hue, we now offer custom multi-generational retreats that cater to the needs of your entire family.

We want to share an example of a family retreat we recently organised and guided in Northern Vietnam.

Our client has spent almost two years researching a family retreat provider focusing on wellness for multiple generations. Two of their family members attended our “5-Day Rejuvenating Fasting Detox” retreat at Alba Wellness Valley Hue. Based on their positive experience and wellness results, they appointed Vietnam Detox to create two fasting retreats of 6 days, primarily following the public programme, but with additional features and services.

Benefits of Buchinger Fasting for the Whole Family

In Vietnam, it is customary for families to gather during the TET Lunar New Year Celebrations and anniversaries. However, these gatherings typically last a day before members return to their homes throughout the country and sometimes abroad. The family planned to spend six days together focused on building their wellness levels. This special event promised to help them reconnect and bond on a deeper level.

The Vietnam Detox family fasting retreat allows family members to support one another as they embark on a transformative journey towards better health and well-being. Detoxification can be challenging and rewarding, and sharing this experience with loved ones creates a unique bond that strengthens family ties. The retreat encourages open communication and fosters a deeper understanding of each family member’s needs and goals.

In addition to the physical and emotional benefits of Buching fasting, the retreat also offers educational sessions that empower and inspire family members with the knowledge and tools they need to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Topics covered during the retreat include the benefits of fasting, muscle mass and longevity, single-use plastic and its impact on health, macronutrients, and sleep quality. These sessions provide valuable information and insights applicable to everyday life, enabling family members to continue their wellness journey long after the retreat has ended.

The Unique Setting:
Private Gated Community in Northern Vietnam

This multi-generational family fasting retreat took place in a private gated community nestled amidst the lush greenery of Northern Vietnam. This idyllic setting offers the perfect environment for relaxation and rejuvenation, allowing family members to focus on their wellness journey without distractions. The community boasts large spaces for outdoor exercises such as walking and biking and a large spa with multiples saunas, hot and cold-water plunge pools and massage treatments.

The location’s serene surroundings and natural beauty provide a tranquil backdrop for the retreat’s various activities, fostering a sense of peace and harmony that enhances the overall experience. The fresh air and picturesque landscape remind us of the importance of nurturing our bodies and minds, reinforcing the retreat’s central message of self-care and holistic well-being.

Accommodations and Facilities:
Two Private Villas

We used two private 5-bedroom villas, each designed to cater to the specific needs of the family members. One villa was dedicated to producing juices and broth, providing a well-equipped kitchen with ample fridge space to store organic produce. The other villa served as the main accommodation for the family and was also used for wellness classes and exercises in the villa’s private saltwater swimming pool.

Both villas boast comfortable and spacious living areas that encourage relaxation and bonding among family members. The retreat was also supported by family kitchen helpers who assisted with cleaning, preparing, and cutting vegetables and fruits for juices and washing and polishing glasses. These thoughtful touches ensured the family could fully immerse themselves in the Vietnam Detox fasting experience without worrying about the practicalities of any household chores.


Pre-Retreat Medical Reviews and Support

Before embarking on the Vietnam Detox family fasting retreat, ensuring the experience would be safe and suitable for all family members was vital. Several elderly family members suffered from chronic diseases and were on medication, which required careful consideration and planning. Detailed pre-retreat medical reviews were conducted to address these concerns, and medication was reviewed. Conversations with treating physicians were sometimes necessary to guarantee a safe retreat experience.

A certified nurse was also present throughout the retreat to support and monitor participants’ health. Daily check-ups were conducted to measure glucose levels and blood pressure for those with diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases. Some elderly participants received assisted enemas on specially purchased beds, ensuring a comfortable and dignified experience.

Movement Activities:
Daily Morning Walks, Exercise, and Aqua Gymnastics

The Vietnam Detox family fasting retreat incorporates various movement activities to support and enhance detoxification. Daily morning walks, exercise sessions, and aqua gymnastics are all part of the retreat’s itinerary, providing ample opportunities for family members to engage in physical activity and reap the associated health benefits.

Resistance band training is also included to help maintain and build muscle mass, an essential aspect of overall health and longevity. These activities promote physical fitness and encourage family members to spend time together in a fun and engaging environment, further strengthening their bonds and creating lasting memories.

Relaxation activities:
included daily sauna visits and massages, Tibetan Bowl sound therapy, meditation, breathing exercises, Dot Mandala painting, and meditative dancing.

In addition to the movement activities, the Vietnam Detox family fasting retreat offers a wide range of relaxation activities to promote mental and emotional well-being. Daily visits to the sauna, massages, and Tibetan Bowls sound therapy sessions all contribute to a sense of calm and tranquillity, allowing family members to unwind and recharge.

Meditation and breathing exercises were also incorporated into the retreat, teaching valuable techniques to be practised at home to manage stress and maintain a balanced state of mind. 

Finally, creative pursuits such as Dot Mandala painting and meditative dancing offer fun and engaging ways for family members to express themselves and connect with their inner selves.


The results:
We observed an optimisation of blood pressure, reduced blood glucose levels, reduced body fat percentage, higher energy levels, more awareness to create healthy habits and a reconnected family.

The Vietnam Detox family fasting retreat yielded various positive outcomes that differed for each participant.

Overall, we observed improvements in blood pressure, blood glucose levels, body fat percentage, and energy levels. The retreat also fosters a greater awareness of the importance of adopting healthy habits and nurturing one’s well-being, equipping family members with take-home knowledge and tools to maintain their wellness journey long after the retreat has ended.

Most importantly, the Vietnam Detox family fasting retreat is a powerful catalyst for bonding and reconnection. The shared experience of overcoming challenges and celebrating triumphs brings family members closer together, creating a solid foundation for lasting relationships built on love, support, and mutual understanding.

Please let us know if you want to give your family a bonding experience centred around wellness. You can read more about us or message us by clicking on this link www.vietnamdetox.com.


Experience the Ultimate Family Bonding - Multigenerational fasting retreats

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