What is ‘Fastenwandern’?

What is ‘Fastenwandern’?

The literal English translation from the German word is ‘fasting and hiking’. 
It can best be described as a guided tour of the world through a beautiful landscape, along with education and a focus on alternating rest and movement. It is a better method to achieve higher levels of wellbeing, enhanced energy, increased joy and improved quality of life.
Based on the work and guiding principles of Dr. Otto Buchinger, the German pioneer of medical fasting, to reconnect with nature, find mental equilibrium and purify their bodies. In essence, this is a philosophy and way of life, promoting sustainability and long-term results. The guiding principles are applicable outside of guided retreats; In everyday life, we are encouraged to have intermittent fasting, daily movement, healthy editing and mindfulness.


What is 'Fastenwandern'?

Xin Chào, tôi là Dieter Buchner, Huấn luyện viên tiết thực phương pháp Buchinger và Người lãnh đạo khóa tiết thực đã được chứng nhận của bạn.

Tại đây, bạn có thể tùy chọn số lượng người tham gia, gói dịch vụ, xe đưa đón v.v… Và hoàn thành đăng ký tham gia.

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