Alison Snelling

Alison is currently completing her training as a “Juice Therapist” with Jason Vale’s Juice Academy.

After the removal of her gallbladder in 2007, Alison suffered from severe pain, which impacted her ability to stand in front of audiences when conducting workshops and seminars.


When searching for a suitable healing method, we researched over 15 wellness establishments worldwide and eventually decided for Dharma Healing International, a detox retreat on the famous Thai island of Samui. We booked a 7 day elimination fast with Hillary Hit, an American clinical nutritionist and already after 5 days, Alison announced she was able to go to bed with no pain whatsoever. This was when Alison started to look deeper into alternative healing methods and her interest and enthusiasm for detoxing was ignited.

Alison integrates juicing into her daily routine and tried out and created many delicious recipes. She enjoys sharing her juicing knowledge with children. Demonstrating how easy its is to create tasty and healthy juices gives her a lot of inspiration and satisfaction.


Alison is based in Northamptonshire in the UK and participates in some of our retreats in Vietnam.


Alison Snelling

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