Andrea Ciro Chiappa

I am working for more than 18 years in the areas of nutrition, fasting and naturopathy. I have been fascinated with fasting since I was a student.


Studying the fasting approach of Dr. Otto Buchinger and working at the famous Buchinger Clinic at Lake Constance in Germany, I got totally inspired to immerse myself into supporting others on their journey to enhanced wellbeing.


Until this day, this inspiration remains as the experience my guests and I make during their fasts are so rich, divers and beneficial. ..


Fasting is a great opportunity to launch a conscious healthy lifestyle.


Reading the works of Doctors and Scientists such as Weston Price, Max Bircher-Benner, Werner Kollath and Claus Leitzmann showed me the full potential of contemporary and traditional approach to nutrition and and culinary cultures.


I feel passionate to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for healthy living and a true to nature, palatable and enjoyable approach to nutrition.


I was born in 1971 and am the father of three wonderful children.


Andrea Ciro Chiappa

Xin Chào, tôi là Dieter Buchner, Huấn luyện viên tiết thực phương pháp Buchinger và Người lãnh đạo khóa tiết thực đã được chứng nhận của bạn.

Tại đây, bạn có thể tùy chọn số lượng người tham gia, gói dịch vụ, xe đưa đón v.v… Và hoàn thành đăng ký tham gia.

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