5-Day Mindful Wellness and Weight Loss Detox @ M Gallery Legacy Yen Tu

Refresh Your Body and Mind with a 5-day Buchinger Fasting Detox Retreat in Vietnam

Are you looking for a way to shed weight, improve your health, and feel more energized? If so, this retreat is for you. Join us for a 5-day Buchinger fasting detox retreat in Vietnam at the Legacy Yen Tu MGallery, a 5-star hotel that blends ancient Vietnamese architecture with modern luxury.

What is the Buchinger Method?

The Buchinger Method is a therapeutic fasting technique that activates your body’s self-healing power and cleanses your cells and tissues. You will abstain from solid food and drink vegetable broth, herbal teas, and mineral water. You will also do daily enemas to flush out toxins and stimulate the bowel movement. The Buchinger Method can help you with various health conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, allergies, and more. It can also boost your mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual awareness.

How will you spend your days?

During this retreat, you will be guided by our experienced and certified Buchinger Fasting coach, Dieter Buchner. He will provide you with a safe and professional setting to experience the healing benefits of fasting. You will also enjoy:

  • Relaxing spa and hydrotherapy treatments that will soothe your muscles, nourish your skin, and invigorate your senses.
  • Stunning nature of Yen Tu Mountain and sacred temples and pagodas of Truc Lam Zen Buddhism.
  • Gentle yin yoga and meditation sessions to help you calm your mind, release stress, and connect with your inner self.
  • Educational workshops to inspire you to adopt a healthier lifestyle when you return home. You will learn about the benefits of fasting, principles of nutrition, tips for mindful eating, and recipes for delicious and nutritious meals.

Why should you join this retreat?

This retreat is designed to help you focus on the mental and spiritual aspects of fasting, surrounded by the serene beauty of nature and the rich culture of Truc Lam Zen Buddhism. Whether your goal is to detoxify your body, lose weight, boost your immunity, or simply recharge your energy, this retreat offers a unique and transformative experience. You will not only cleanse your body, but also your mind and soul. You will feel lighter, healthier, happier, and more energized.

Don’t miss this opportunity to refresh your body and mind with a 5-day Buchinger fasting detox retreat in Vietnam at the stunning Legacy Yen Tu MGallery. Register now and get ready for a life-changing journey.


5-Day Mindful Wellness and Weight Loss Detox @ M Gallery Legacy Yen Tu

Xin Chào, tôi là Dieter Buchner, Huấn luyện viên tiết thực phương pháp Buchinger và Người lãnh đạo khóa tiết thực đã được chứng nhận của bạn.

Tại đây, bạn có thể tùy chọn số lượng người tham gia, gói dịch vụ, xe đưa đón v.v… Và hoàn thành đăng ký tham gia.


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