Our Method – Buchinger Fasting

Buchinger therapeutic fasting and
fasting for healthy people

Fasting can be done in many ways.  Dry fasting for example, means you don’t eat or drink anything for a period of time. During Water fasting you only drink water. However, these two methods can cause discomfort and unwanted side effects and require medical supervision. We are using the Buchinger therapeutic fasting method which is a modified version of fasting during which you consume water, juices and vegetable broth to ensure your body receives minerals and vitamins during the fast.

There are two modified fasting methods which have been developed in Germany and are extremely popular there. We differentiate between the Buchinger therapeutic fasting method, which is prescribed by specialised medical doctors as a treatment for a number of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and even some forms of cancer. 

The other fasting method is called preventative fasting, or fasting for healthy people.  This method is ideal for people who do not suffer from any serious disease, feel fit and healthy and use fasting as an effective method to prevent illnesses.

Both fasting methods provide a naturopathic, holistic way to improve your health and wellbeing.

Buchinger Therapeutic Fasting

This method is named after Dr. Otto Buchinger (1878 – 1966) a German medical doctor. He experienced the self-healing powers of fasting first hand when he became unable to work as a naval doctor as a result of severe rheumatism of the joints in 1917.

His mobility was so severely restricted that he was forced to retire from the navy as a disabled person. The personal strain and the powerlessness of conventional Western medicine led him to consider alternative forms of treatment. In 1919, a colleague prescribed therapeutic fasting following traditional methods which was a resounding success and saved his life. Following this experience, he devoted his life to developing and refining a method for a medically sound fasting therapy.

Being a doctor, he focused on all aspects of integrated medicine. As a spiritual person, he concerned himself with the correlation between the body’s emotional and physical self-healing powers. Recognised as the founder of medical therapeutic fasting, he combined the two to create a holistic form of therapy – Buchinger therapeutic fasting. He successfully applied and continued to develop his therapy in different clinics from 1920.
In 1935 he published his most important work, “The Therapeutic Fasting Cure”, which is still in print today. Dr. Buchinger, the “pioneer of fasting” systematically described fasting physiology and the conditions and diseases which respond well to fasting.

The BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting method

is a low-calorie liquid diet where you consume less than 500 kilocalories per day. After a preparation day, the principle source of nourishment consumed for the duration of the fast is a nutritious organic vegetable broth. This fasting diet is supplemented by fruit and vegetable juices, as well as herbal tea and mineral water. The breaking of the fast at the end of the BUCHINGER therapeutic fast is traditionally celebrated with an apple and the handover of the ‘Fast Certificate’.
After the fast, the building up days form a critical part of the BUCHINGER method. Using ingredients sourced from regulated, organic producers, prepared with healthy cooking methods such as steaming or baking, will help you to gently re-intorduce food into your body.

Dr. Buchinger descendants continue his legacy and operate very successful fasting clinics in Germany and Spain. As a result, doctors in many hospitals in Germany and around the world, now prescribe therapeutic fasting as a treatment for a number of chronic diseases.

Preventative fasting – fasting for healthy people

Dr. Helmut Luetzner (1928 – 2020) was a colleague of Dr. Buchinger, who worked at the Buchinger Clinic in Ueberlingen, Germany, in charge of the Balneotherapy and Exercise Department. He realised fasting was so effective in preventing illness that he wanted to share the healing benefits with a much larger audience.
So in 1978 he co-founded the German Fasting Academy (dfa) to promote the benefits of fasting and to develop fasting coaches.
He called his method  “Fasting for Healthy People” which is run in groups and led by professionally trained and certified fasting coaches. Fasting for healthy people has become a trendsport in Germany, with thousands of people participating in 7 day preventative fasting retreats once or twice a year all around the country.  These retreats significantly contribute to improve the health and wellbeing for their participants . They are always run in combination with popular forms of movement such as hiking, biking or yoga.
Thanks to the dfa and the methodologies developed by Dr. Buchinger and Dr. Luetzner, the lives of countless people have been transformed to the better with fasting.

Your Vietnam Detox Fasting Coach

Dieter Buchner, is a German national and medically certified fasting coach, trained by the German Fasting Academy (dfa). He will guide you through your fasting experience at Vietnam Detox.
Dieter lives in Vietnam since 2015 and is currently based in Hue, Central Vietnam and is passionate about supporting you to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing and to enhance your quality of life. He has a strong background in wellness coaching, massage therapy, nutrition and fasting. Most importantly, thanks to his pioneering efforts you can now enjoy the benefits of preventative Buchinger fasting in a professional and safe environment in Vietnam.
You can read more about the many health benefits of Buchinger Fasting which are documented in several studies. They provide scientific evidence on how periodic fasting can help you to live a longer and healthier live.
We offer a range of fasting retreats of 5 and 8 days duration as well as our private retreats which are customised to suit your needs and schedule.


modified Buchinger therapeutic fasting method as per Dr. Luetzner

Preparation day
Abstention from solid foods for 5-10 days
Abstention from stimulants (alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, etc.)
Complete, initial bowel cleanse
Buchinger fasting provision (vegetable broth, juices, etc. )
Two to three liters of liquid per day
Daily movement in fresh air
Colonic irrigation (enemas)
Detoxification supporting activities (massage, body brushing, Kneipp, etc.)
Breaking the fast
Controlled re-introduction of food
Entry into whole food diet
Our main goal is to provide you with knowledge and inspiration to embrace a healthy habits following the retreat.
So, what happens after you return home is as important for us as your experience during the retreat. That is why we stay in contact with you long after the retreat, to support you on your journey to a health focused lifestyle.


Our Method - Buchinger Fasting

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